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-- We interrupt this broadcast for a special news bulletin direct from Imperial Center, Coruscant --

The Imperial backdrop fades into shadows as a being emerges, dressed in the identifiable garb of an Imperial High Admiral. The grey double-breasted uniform was littered with clusters of medals and ribbons for years of military service. But what was surprising was not the uniform itself, but the man who wore it.

“Good morning. For those who don’t know me, I am High Admiral Blair, formerly of the New Republic. Less than two weeks ago, my flagship, the Battlestar Excalibur, was destroyed while orbiting the planet Ison. This incident was blamed on a faulty conductor-value coolant near the main reactor. A tragic accident that claimed the lives of over fifty thousand Alliance personnel. Unfortunately, I know the truth. This was no accident. It was sabotage. Sabotage by the very same people these soldiers served under, whose orders they followed and obeyed. They died trusting their leaders to uphold those same ideals they carried within themselves. They died as a result of corruption and power. They were murdered in an effort to silence me. Their spirits demand that I voice what I know, that I remain silent no longer.

The New Republic has always claimed that they stood for freedom and justice. A society where anyone could find peace from prejudice and tyranny that supposedly exists under the Empire. A blatant lie propagated and used by High Command to ensure cooperation, a false belief that the alternative is far worse than what they offer.

Case in point. Distinguished and decorated veteran and war-hero, High Admiral Tavano. Commander of Katana Fleet and liberator of numerous systems throughout the New Republic. The truth? Murderer, criminal, renegade. Overseer and oppressor of the innocent.

During my commission as an Alliance Admiral, High Admiral Tavano used his secret project, the Warbird, to destroy no less than 9 Alliance ships… ranging in size of a corvette to a Nebulon frigate. Thousands died in his rampage. A galactic man-hunt ensued to bring him to justice. He was found, claiming no recollection of what transpired. A court-martial was conveyed. One which should have branded him a tyrant and a traitor, imprisoning him for life. Instead his was pardoned and restored to active duty immediately. They claimed a Dark Spirit had possessed him. I see. We all have ‘dark temptations’ do we not? We resist them. It is a result of being civilized.

So the High Admiral returns to Bpfassh. The world in which he has been assigned as protector of. Protector? Dictator seems the more appropriate term. Bpfasshi citizens are forced to wear implants under their skin to keep tabs on their locations and whereabouts. Armed milita patrol the streets and citizens are subject to martial-law after dark. Ideal society? Freedom and rights for all? When I mentioned possible reforms to the High Admiral I was told to stick to my own sector and he would deal with his however he saw fit.

Shortly after I was confronted by the High Admiral and asked to monitor his sector while he went hunting. His entire fleet then headed to the Echnos system in an unauthorized attempted to seize the world from its rightful governors. Luckily, I had alerted High Command and Tavano was ordered to recall his forces. But no reprimand had accompanied his actions.

I had seen enough. I began compiling a report on the High Admiral, one in which I had intended to confront High Command with and demand action against him. The High Admiral must have realized I suspected his corruption because before I could complete my findings, agents loyal to Tavano planted a bomb aboard my flagship, hoping to ensure I would never reveal what I know.

In the aftermath, the High Admiral had hoped to implicate the Empire in my flagship’s destruction. Fortunately, the arrival of an Imperial task force at Ison halted his attempt to plant debris that would wrongly accuse the Empire.

High Command knows all this. The Senate knows this. So why is this person allowed to remain in command of a fleet?? Not only a single fleet, but second-in-command of the Alliance, and head of Fleet Command. Why? Because Tavano is best friends with the Chief of State. Instead of stripping him of command, the mighty King pardoned him of his crimes. And conveniently overlooked his other transgressions since then.

The Empire today is governed by an Empress. A woman. Its military is under the control of an alien. I think the long-time prejudices and stereotypes of the past have become a bit outdated. The Empire is not the same as it once was under Palpatine. It is now a place for those who wish to restore order and stability amidst a galaxy in chaos. Human, alien, male and female alike. A place where corruption and greed does not dictate who wields power and who is left begging for scraps. Empress Kryzasiah has promised peace and rebuilding. Universities, medical centers, food processing centers have all been constructed in the short time of her reign. Donations to religious centers and poverty stricken areas have helped rebuild a sense of community and prosperity. Yet the New Republic condemns her as a tyrant, a monster. I think we can all see who the real tyrant is. The monster behind the terrorist destruction of my flagship and the death of my men. I know in time the truth will be revealed. Thank you."

High Admiral Blair
Elemental Fleet
Imperial Navy

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Monday, December 30, 2002  

Original Air Date - September 30th, 2000

Special Report Tonight
Tonight's report highlights key events of the past month and takes a look back in news media since the beginning of this new standard year within our galaxy.

In the Galactic Empire, Emperor Helldar's declaration that the return of Lady Kryzasiah would unify the late Emperor Monarch's New Order was followed shortly by his untimely death at the hands of a renegade Royal Guard. His assassination initially sent the Imperial economy into a downward spiral which analysts claimed would likely plunge the Empire into another all-out civil war. However, Grand Admiral Pendragon, under orders from Kryzasiah (now the new Empress) announced a freeze in all Imperial assets and the restriction of all traffic until order was restored. The most recent outlooks have been promising for the Empire - the Imperial Stock Exchange on Munnilist has been recently reopened, and the limitations on traffic have been lifted. Stock sales and trade have been steadily increasing in response to the Empress's promises of restored glory to the Imperial way of life. Yesterday's closing numbers on the Exchange indicated sales ending at an all-time record high.

On the opposite side of the galaxy, Chief of State DeVon Doyle's disappearance from the galactic eye these past few weeks has left many citizens of the New Republic speculating as to his whereabouts. Rumors floating around Aimer range from a serious fatal illness, to a young mistress & illicit affair, to the Chief of State's fall to the Dark Side and defection back to the Empire. Minister of State Kasia Doyle, who is running the New Republic in his absence, declined to comment on the location or status of her husband.

In other more recent news, the New Republic Senate is in an uproar over CSA Executive Officer Zal Lorrus' recent annoucement that the Corporate Sector has SOLD two entire sectors, over ten populated star systems and countless mining worlds, to the Galactic Empire. Lorrus stated that the sale was "in order to finance the devastating losses the CSA experienced at the hands of the Hapan military during the recent war and to ensure the Corporate Sector's future survival." The Executive Officer also claims the transaction has "no political agenda attached", simply stating that the Empire "offered more for the purchase than the New Republic was capable of offering in any possible counter bid." Lorrus announced that the Sector's few remaining forces have already withdrawn from the systems and that Imperial forces have been slowly moving in. Now that the deal is finalized, they expect a full presence by the end of the month.

On Sullust, the Independent Confederation of Planets President, Strahd Von Zarovich, announced that his recent meeting with the Penstar Alignment's Empress was most enjoyable and amiacible. When asked what was discussed at the meeting and if an alliance might possibly be in order, the galaxy's wealthiest citizen declined to comment, only stating the he was "looking forward to being graced with her pleasure again."

Elsewhere among the Fringe, the Bounty Hunter's Guild has announced the capture of the galaxy's most notorious pirate, Fhelon Sharp. Sharp is known as the leader of the infamous pirate organzation known as the Blades. The capture of Sharp was accomplished by a group of fringers known as the Dark Star Mercenaries, working security at Nova Station near the Elrood Sector. Although the pirate has yet to be delivered into the custody of the Guild, spacefarers can rest easy knowing Fhelon Sharp is finally behind bars.

Finally, in sports tonight, the Mutant Marauders defeated the Rafa Renagades in Triad 7-3 and I'rit Banad won the Galactic Wrestling Championship.
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Sunday, February 10, 2002  

Original Air Date - August 4th, 1999

Special Report Tonight
In the recents months since our last broadcast, the New Republic has suffered several losses at the hands of the Imperial Navy. Two battlestars, the massive flagships of the Alliance fleet, were destroyed recently in the defense of the New Republic. The first one, the Battlestar HellStar, commanded by Captain Myrakus, was destroyed protecting the Aquilae system. Fortunately, the ICSD V Titus Andronicus was also destroyed. The destruction of the Imperial fleet's flagship forced the Imperials to withdraw and saved Aquilae from further attack.

In another Imperial assault, this time in the recently liberated Tradaria system, the flagship of Fury Fleet, commanded by Admiral Madine himself, was destroyed when a dreadnought sized vessel exited hyperspace and smashed into the flagship. Nearby Alliance vessels captured this image.

Most of the crew was able to escape thanks to the actions of Admiral Madine. The Admiral himself suffered severe injuries and radiation exposure but is expected to recover fully and be back on duty soon. The Tradaria system was saved from the Imperial assault by a bizarre Force Storm which consumed both Imperial and Alliance vessels. The origins of this storm are still unknown.

Elsewhere, Imperial pressure seems to be on the rise. Recent reports include attacks at Cilpar, Roche and several smaller compaigns in the Boeus Sector. While the Alliance forces have been successful in defending the member-worlds of the New Republic, the loss of life increases as the Imperial aggression continues.

In other areas of the galaxy, the Hapes Consortium has recently initiated an all-out campaign against the Corporate Sector Authority. Reports from the Corporate Sector are still sketchy, but it appears that at least three Hapan armadas have started attacking major systems vital to the CSA: Proxima Dibel, the shipyards at Bonadan, and Dellalt, the capital-world of the Corporate Sector itself. GNN reporters were unable to contact anyone on the Direx Board for comments and the Hapan Ambassador refused an interview as well.

In lighter news and sports, the Corellian Sand Panthers beat the Aimerian Knights at Triad ball 10-7. The Wookiee Rolacca Moro defeated newcomer Jorus "The Cat" Miller to retain the GCW Heavyweight Title. And on the Galactic Podracing Circuit, two-time champion Neit Minto defended his reign and won the Boonta Classic for the third time.
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Original Air Date - February 3rd, 1999

Special Report Tonight
In the news tonight, the New Republic has celebrated yet another victory in its long war against the Empire. The campaign within the Boeus Sector, led by High Admiral Blair, freed another Imperial stronghold: this time their sector capital in the Hoth system.

Surprisingly, the Imperials put up an astonishingly formidable defense against the Alliance for the remote ice world, possibly confirming the rumors of an Imperial Research Facility located within the system. Available footage shows at least two Imperial fleets, identified later as Warrior Fleet and Shakre'Pare Fleet, plus the Super Star Destroyer Palpatine was seen at the battle as well.

In a press conference this afternoon, New Republic Chief-of-State DeVon Doyle confirmed that Hoth had been liberated and that the Imperial fleet assigned to the Boeus Sector had been destroyed.

However, the Alliance also suffered heavy losses. Apparently the Imperials have introduced a new TIE Phantom, capable of cloaking and remaining invisible to sensors. These fighters used devastating efficiency to eliminate over eighty-five percent of the Alliance starfighter complement. Those surviving pilots told of a bloody conflict with enemy fighters seeming to appear out of nowhere Only a few of these new fighters were destroyed, thanks to the efforts of Cobra Squadron and the new prototype F-22a Merlins. The debris from their wreckage is being analyzed in hopes that a weakness can be found.

With no enemy presence left in the sector, it seems likely that the sole remaining Imperial system, Moozatri, will soon once again be under the government of the New Republic.

In other areas of the galaxy, the Corporate Sector Authority announced that their first engagement in the CSA/Hapan War has been a success. CSA spokesman Ralphus Jericho stated that Corporate Authority forces have destroyed a Hapan shipyard at Mandalore, and vanquished much of the initial defense fleet. When asked to comment on the damage to their own fleet, the spokesman stated "we took a beating, but still managed to get the job done." The Hapan Ambassador refused an interview with us in regards to this subject.

In our closing story, the Independent Confederation of Planets has confirmed rumors that one of their systems was seized during an assault by pirate forces known as the Blades. Apparently the sparsely populated mining world of Kessel was lost quickly and without much damage to either side. When asked to comment on the loss of an estimated 100 million credits a year, ICP President Strahd Von Zarovich merely commented that "the system will be returned to us shortly." Upon asking for an explanation, the galaxy's wealthiest citizen declined comment.
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Original Air Date - September 21st, 1998

Special Report Tonight
In the news tonight, war has broken across the galaxy sending paniced citizens into a state of frenzy and chaos.

Imperial Armadas have begun a violent and devastating assault on numerous systems and worlds, both within the New Republic and in outlying neutral worlds. Reports have come in showing the slaughter and decimation of Aquilae and Chandrila, both vital and populated worlds; strong supportors of the Republic.

Drakien, a recently liberated Imperial world, has reported massive orbital bombardment of several cities, utterly beating the population into submission. New Cov has also reported their world under seige, and a recent report has informed us that the world has just fallen to Imperial advance. New Cov has fallen to the Empire. We'll bring you more as the news develops.

As many of our viewers are wondering, where are the Alliance Defense Forces to protect and halt the Imperial advance? Reports indicate that an Alliance Task Force has assaulted the Imperial's major system of Corellia in an attempt to liberate the world. Several eyewitnesses accounts place Rogue Squadron, Katana Fleet, and even the HellHawk at the scene.

Wait, this just in. It appears the Warbird, under the command of High Admiral Tavano has arrived on the scene and is engaged with an unknown Imperial vessel. The High Admiral has been recently cleared of all charges of treason during a recent court-martial and placed back in command of the Alliance Naval Fleets. From our sources in the area, it looks as if the Alliance Forces are withdrawing from Corellia.

Other areas of the galaxy confirm the war between the Corporate Sector and the Hapes Consortium has become hostile as the CSA forces have engaged the Hapans at Mandalore. Damage and information about the conflict are still unknown at this point, and we'll bring you more as we hear it.

Apparently even the galaxy's best hope for peace has been the target of violence. The Chevron, a symbol of hope for the galaxy, was attacked by unknown raiders and pirates recently. The station is officially online, yet still seriously understaffed. Station personnel, led by the new Commander, Raistlin Lightstar, have managed to successfully repel the pirates and defend the station.

Is this new galactic outbreak of war and conflict a sign of things to come? Perhaps a prelude to an even greater incident, a more deadly battle? This reporter can only speculate, but does know one thing for certain. Chaos currently reigns across the galaxy.

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Original Air Date - June 7th, 1998

Special Report Tonight
High Admiral Tavano
Villian or Victim?
In the news tonight, the Bothan Spy Network has successfully located and captured renegade New Republic High Admiral, Donald Tavano. It is reported that the High Admiral has sustained serious injuries during the capture and is currently being treated under isolation and heavily guarded conditions on the New Republic capital of Aimer.

When asked to comment on the upcoming court-marital of the High Admiral, life-long friend and commanding officer Supreme Admiral DeVon Doyle declinced to speak with us. However, Bothan Senator Turon Mei'lya was pleased to speak with us about the incident. In a recent interview, the senator commented that "High Admiral Tavano will be properly tried and punished for his crimes. His relationship with the Chief of State will grant him no immunity. Justice will be served for his treasonous acts."

GNN will keep our viewers informed of the court-martial as it unfurls. Members close to the defendant believe the defense will state the High Admiral was "under an evil influence and not responsible for his actions." It has yet to be determined what this influence was. There has still be no word on the current location or condition of High Admiral Jennifer Tavano, the defendant's wife and accompliace in his rampage.

On a lighter note, the Alliance Command has announced the liberation of the Imperial-controlled Ison system. It appears the recent assault at the Kuat shipyards was merely a diversion, while the main objective was to inflitrate and liberate the poorly defended border world. The attack was brief, quick, and decisive with minimal losses on both sides. The citizens of Ison assisted the Alliance military and quickly revolted against the Imperial Governor and his forces.
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Original Air Date - April 25th, 1998

Special Report Tonight
Retribution or Revenge?
In the news tonight, New Republic forces have openly attacked the Imperial Shipyards at Kuat. The Alliance Fleet, led by High Admiral Madine, has apparently launched a full scale assault on the facility and its defenses. It is even reported that the elite Rogue Squadron is leading the assault on the shipyard itself. A spokeperson for the Alliance has called this attack "retaliation for the unprovoked aggression at Chandrila". But is it retaliation and a sense of justice, or a desire for war and conflict? This reporter can only speculate the true reasons behind the attack.

In other news, a renegade pirate group that has struck numerous civilian and military shipments has been destroyed. Unknown sources have sent proof and footage of the mysterious "Black Cruiser's demise". The black pirate dreadnaught was destroyed when another dreadnaught, packed with explosives, apparently exited hyperspace and collided with the pirate vessel. Our sources state the pirate leader was the Dark Overseer Jorus C'baoth. C'baoth, a powerful Dark Jedi, was believed to be killed in the explosion but those rumors are still unconfirmed. All we know is that the pirate hostilites have ceased, for now.

Hold on a minute, we seem to be getting a live feed from our reporters at Kuat. Yes, it seems the Alliance forces are withdrawing. The damage appears extensive, the ships under construction at the yards have been destroyed. Along with much of the Imperial defenses. The main Alliance fleet has withdrawn. The New Republic flagship, the HellHawk is covering their escape. We patch you now to a direct feed of the HellHawk under attack.

That's all we have from Kuat folks, we seemed to have lost our communication feed. We will bring you back if anything further develops.

In possibly related news, an Imperial Task Force staged a brief, but devastating assault at the outer-rim world of Obroa-skai. The assault destroyed most of the planet's defenses and a Calamari cruiser stationed there on patrol. The Task Force seemed to be preparing for a ground assault until the arrival of an unknown fleet. This fleet made no acts of aggression, just seemed to watch the battle unfold. The Imperial forces must have been startled or nervous, for they withdrew and left the system immediately. Although the damage was costly, the repairing and rebuilding has already begun.
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Original Air Date - March 8th, 1998

Special Report Tonight
Victory or Defeat?
In the news tonight, hostilities have ceased, at least for the moment, as the Imperial strike at Chandrila is over. After the devastating assult of the planet itself and its few defending ships in orbit, the Imperials have withdrawn from their attack. Their withdrawal coincided with the delayed arrival of Fury Fleet, led by High Admiral Madine, the commander of Chandrila's defense.

Questions arise as to why the High Admiral took so long to arrive? And what took his fleet so long to assist and respond to the distress call? The High Admiral was unavailable for comment at this time.

The Imperials have claimed the attack was merely a training excerise for their forces, and thanked the New Republic for particpation in their drill.

The above holoshot shows the destruction and aftermath of the battle. The damage to the planet, its surface, its cities and people is estimated in the millions. Not to mention the cost of clearing the debris in orbit, which will hinder trade and income for many months. The total loss of lives is unknown at this point, but is rumored to be hundreds of thousands.

The question on most people's minds at this point is simple: If this was merely an excerise, what will happen when the Empire strikes for real, and in force? Will anyone survive?

In related news, the New Republic capital of Aimer has been the recent host of terrorism and espionage. After the unexplained disappearance and subsequent return of the Aimerian Queen's cruiser The Watcher, an unidentified midnight-black freighter apparently entered the system in an attempt to destroy or steal the Calamari cruiser.

Fortunately, the plan was foiled by the arrival of the Supreme Admiral and recently commissioned New Republic Admiral Blair. But not before Commander Eksic, a Mon Calamari and aid to the Jedi Queen, was killed. The entire system has been placed on alert, and currently all traffic is being detained and searched in hopes of more evidence in the matter.

The unidentifed craft managed to escape capture due to interference by another freighter, the Magnus. The Magnus, owned by Captain Sarrix Ritan, was also seen at the site of the recent dragon raids in villages near the palace. Captain Ritan is currently wanted for questioning in both these incidents.

The Magnus has unfortunately also escaped capture due to the arrival of Commander Raistlin Lightstar, a known Imperial spy, who was responsible for several deaths onboard the Battlestar HellStorm a few years ago. No official word is being released on Commander Lightstar's involvement in the matter.

Are these vessels and incidents related? The resulting chaos that has ensused certaininly favors the Empire, and after the recent attack at Chandrila, all clues lead this reporter to believe that more forces are at work here then we are currently aware of.

In lighter news, it has been recently announced that Jedi Ambassador Kasia Doyle's proposal for the neutral space station known as the Chevron has been approved and supplies and crews are now being sent.

The station, proposed in hopes of created peace between the warring factions, has received the support of many races within the Senate, including full support from the Bothan government.

As we speak, the Bothan people are sending supplies, scientists and crews to help with completion of the station. It has also just been announced that Exodus Shipping will be assisting in the trade supply routes for the Chevron itself.
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Original Air Date - February 2nd, 1998

Special Report Tonight
Return to War?
It seems the New Republic's short lived peace has come to an end. An unprovoked attack by Imperial forces has ended a 3 month relative peace. It appears that an Imperial armada has assaulted Chandrila. Chandrila, as many of our viewers know, is a key political world and an advacote supporter of the New Republic.

However, there has yet to be any response from the Alliance to this attack. The planet's defenses are weakened and their defense ships all but destroyed. People are wondering, where is Admiral Madine, the fleet commander for the sector and responsible for its defense?? No one will say. Once again, the Supreme Admiral was unavailable for comment. Inside sources state he flew off in his viper before answering any of our questions.

In other news, High Jedi Master Kasia Doyle, Queen of Aimer and New Republic Ambassador has called for a special meeting of the Senate. The purpose of this meeting, according to sources close to the Jedi Queen, is an attempt to establish a galactic space station, neutral to all sides. All factions and individuals would be welcome in the interests and advancements of science, technology, and peace.

The station in question is located in the Sern Sector, and while the Ambassador hopes to get approval for such a vast undertaking, it is important to note that the Ghomeran Massacre occurred nearby in the same sector. The Massacre was the key factor and turning point that formed the Rebel Alliance and initiated the long war against the Empire. Perhaps it is only fitting that an area responsible for years of war, may now become a home for peace.
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